Markethive Changing The Game for Your Peace Of Mind

Markethive has been building the most Advanced Social Market Network Built on the Blockchain Technology for the world to take hold of and make it their own. All you have to do is everything that you normally do on other social media sites like share with your friends, and invite your friends to visit your new site once they decide how valuable Markethive can be for them its a win, win for the both because they get MHV Coin for becoming a member after verifing their account. Once a member brings in three other members Markethive faucet start dripping, and in return they will receive coin for just about everything done on our site. How cool is that you get value from the start.

Markethive also take your privacy, and security very serious, and this is one of the reasons for building on the blockchain technology for added peace of mind giving the power back to the people is something we feel is need online today more then ever. there is so much fraud going on these days we need the extra security measures wrapped around our information being shared to eliminate as much of it as possible. If that's not enough we also provide Universal Income for entrepreneurs. Using our state-of-the-art integrated inbound marketing platform, social network, artificial intelligence, business services, e-wallet, coin exchange, mining data center, incubator and block chain income platforms for success in the crypto-preneurial and entrepreneurial markets.

If you decide you want to take it a step futher, and join the Entrepreneurial Program or get an ILP Share its worth their weigh in gold.

The 8 points of upgrade

1. Profile Page turns into lead “associates” capture page

2. 100% matching bonus from the airdrops via your “associates”

3. 10% matching bonus from your direct “associates” upgrade "associates"

4. Loyalty Program 12 straight months, we contribute to you a full 10% ILP (top 1000 active Entrepreneurs)

5. Unlimited Banner advertisement in all of our traffic portals

6. Equal share from Markethive’s co-op advertising

7. Traffic Portals seller classification

8. Receive their own ILP site receive matching ILP shadow shares

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