Information about The G-Card

The G-Card Business in a Box

We are making a set of apps that members, vendors (retailers) and salespeople will use to interact in a fresh new way.

Vendors that join our system will see improved customer loyalty and a method to laser target new customers. This will allow them to stop wasting money on old and inefficient advertising methods.

Members get better deals, offers and discounts all around the world for products and services that they want and need.

Changing how advertising is done opens the door for a massive business opportunity. Instead of trying to span the globe ourselves, we have decided there is massive benefits in sharing and partnering with others.

Our sales partners get to run their own very profitable business anywhere they want with all the tools they need to get started.

The pre launch is planned to take place in November and then we are going live in December, but right now we are running a soft launch and marketing campaign to find our sales partners. So we are giving away $10m in credits in our system. These credits can be used by a vendor to grow their customer base or by someone joining us that wants to jump start their business.

And of course the free cards can be used by anyone that simply wants to sell the cards for cash and benefit from this crazy offer.

Is the Gcard a Pyramid or MLM thing?

No… We are not an MLM or Pyramid.

We carefully considered this space and chose against it. The main reason is because we don’t think it is fair for the last person to hear about the opportunity to not have the same chance as everyone else. With our system the last person in could make more than the first.

There are some powerful methods used in the MLM industry that we are 100% going to use…. For our awareness program, we are utilizing people like you to share our offer with your circle of influence. We only compensate people for a second level of depth so you can directly benefit from someone you know having success.

We want to reward the people that help us spread the message, so we give credits in our system to those people that share-us today and again during our pre-launch.

How do I get credits?

You get a $100 of credit each time someone you introduce us to qualifies. To qualify, they just need to be and invite someone that is new to our database. The people you share with can do the same and everytime they make 100 credits, you make 10 more.

Example:  If you shared with 10 people and they shared with 10 each. That would be 10 ‘friends’ and 100 ‘friends of friends’. At this point nothing has happened in the system.

If 100 ‘friends of friends’ share then you would already have $1000.  $100 X 10 qualified ‘friends’.

If 100 ‘friends of friends’ all invite someone, you now have $1000 more.  $10 X 100 friends of friends.

We have made sure nobody is missed. Qualification is triggered either when they share in our system or if a their person arrives that was shared to outside of our system.

There are no other amounts payable beyond these 2 levels. We don’t provide credits for further “downline connections” as we are not an MLM.

The only limit is the $10,000 max to any one person.

Who is theGcard?

We are a group of investors that built a business registered in Hong Kong. We make up the board of directors and employees of the company. We saw a very unique opportunity and decided to band together to make the change.

Please refer to our web site if you would like to know more and see the people involved.

theGcard vision

Our goal is to partner the vendor with the customer in a way that enables redirection of marketing dollars to their customers. WIN/WIN… To achieve this all around the world, we are partnering with energetic entrepreneurs and rewarding them handsomely for their efforts. WIN WIN … WIN!


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