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I truly hope you are staying safe and sane out in this chaotic world right now.

If you hadn't heard, the place where I live (Salt Lake City, Utah) got struck by a 5.7 earthquake earlier this week.  We were all blessed that it wasn't stronger and more devastating however that doesn't negate the stress, fear & overwhelm experienced during that time.

Needless to say, that rocked everyone's world here (literally) for a few days.

WOW. What a strange time isn't it?

Earthquakes, viruses and a whole lot of fear.

I think now more than ever human beings are coming face to face with our vulnerabilities in a way that most of us have never really experienced which means now more than ever, we must come together if we are going to escape this fear & chaos.

I can't encourage you enough to use this time as an asset, not a liability to your life. Most of the people in the country right now (in America at least) are being forced to stay home from their jobs and for the first time ever for most, the reality of how terrifying it is to not be in control of your own money flow is setting in.

Abundance Network & I (Jeffrey Alan Long) want to help.

I've been in "the lab" for the past week figuring out what's not working, why and creating solutions.

The best solution I can think of right is a sales funnel that will convert.

You deserve it. You need it. It's coming.

You also won't be charged extra for it and I won't send you an email in a few days telling you you're not going to get it for whatever reason.

I'm just making it so much easier for you to just stack those hundreds so you can take care of yourself and your family during this time of crisis and prepare for whatever else is to come.

I don't want to share too much or be too confident in my abilities to deliver this week, but I can just tell you I'm working on a new interactive video sales funnel using some brand new technology I am trying out that I really believe everyone is going to love as much as I do.

I know I said I'd have something done by yesterday (Friday) however, that was before I discovered the technology I'm using for the new mobile optin page.

I'm planning on going live with it sometime this week, just watch your emails and back office for updates.

What's different & unique about this funnel is that instead of getting an email on the front end and then showing the phone number to your visitor, your visitor will INSTEAD just enter their MOBILE NUMBER on our MOBILE INTERACTIVE VIDEO BASED OPTIN PAGE and then AVA will reach out to THEM!

This will make it so much faster and easier for your prospects to get connected with AVA and you know once that happens, they're sending you ???? (At least, that's the idea!)

There's ZERO admin fee required on the front end (for now) so it's just a one-time setup fee plus a min of in usage.  (So much easier to explain, right?)

That will get people access to AVA where they can create unlimited custom keywords and use AVA to attract people to their primary business.


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