Take the first step in becoming a Kule Traffic Club member

Take the first step in becoming a Kule Traffic Club member, and you are welcome to stay as a free member, but if you want to run with the big guns then read this page carefully and lock in a club membership below before prices rise.
Slap your advertising into overdrive, funnel loads of traffic to your offers, and rapidly build a list using our fun, free Wheel of Fortune!
With the KT Club memberships below, you get everything you need to make money online. Here are the highlights.
Win lots more valuable prizes
The higher your club level, the more prizes you can win, and what you see on the site right now is just the start. Over the next few months, we will be adding even more wheels and more exciting prizes, so signup now and get ready to have some fun, win and make some money.
Send solo-ads to 10,000 active users every 2 days
The KT platinum club mailer is special. It allows you to send a solo ad to 10,000 new subscribers across our vast network every 2 days – plus you can add all Kule Traffic members. Your emails will also appear on the Kule Profits page. This mailer is exclusive to Platinum Club members.
Stay in touch with your downline daily by email
The KT downline mailer allows you to stay in contact with people you get to signup under you. You can send them updates on what you are doing, special offers, and freebies to help them succeed. This mailer is a valuable tool, so use it wisely. You can mail daily.
Get loads of text ads and banner ads
Text and banner ads can give your websites a real boost if you use them wisely. We help you do this by giving you more text ads and banner ads with higher club levels so you can advertise all your favorite websites. See below to find out how many text and banner ads you get.
Give your websites a traffic boost
Want to give your ads a traffic boost? Want to 2x, 5x, or even 10x times the ad views each ad receives? Then you will want to invest in a higher club level. We increase the ad views each ad gets according to your club membership level. For example, Silver club members get 2x more ad views, Gold club members get 5x more ad views, and Platinum club members get 10x more ad views. 
You also get plenty of ad-credits
Kule Traffic gets plenty of traffic, and that means your ads get seen a lot. It also means your ad-credits get used up fast. While this is great because you get lots of ad exposure it also means you need lots of ad credits and this is why we give you bonus signup credits. Silver Club Members get 100,000 ad-credits on signup, Gold Club Members get 250,000 ad-credits on signup, and Platinum Club Members get 500,000 ad-credits on signup, and you also get 500,000 bonus credits monthly value $2500.
You get added earning power
At Kule Traffic, we are continually creating ways for you to succeed. Ways to get your offers more exposure. One of these ways is to allow our Platinum Club members to add your affiliate ID's to the prizes in the wheel in the member area so that you can get sign-ups and sales in other sites we add. This added advantage puts your list building and downline building income streams on steroids.
You can earn large commissions
Don't waste your time promoting $20.00 products where you earn $10.00 commissions. With Kule Traffic, you can make up to $238.80 a sale. One sale like that a day is $7,164 a month. That's what the platinum club level offers you. Now not every purchase is going to be a Platinum membership. It could be silver or gold, but even these will earn you up to $38.80 and $118.80.
We designed Kule Traffic to deliver the quality traffic you need for your products and services so you can make more money.

We use a potent psychological trigger called the Wheel of Fortune that gives people the chance to win valuable prizes, and who doesn't like to win free stuff?

Here's why you should invest in a Kule Traffic Club membership now.

You will make more sales and get more signups, which you can convert into a steady income. Plus, you will beat the price rises, which will take place shortly after the launch.



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